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Use our tool for a simple ebook conversion process. Take your manuscript from .docx to .epub with our easy book conversion tool. (If you still need .mobi format, we can help you do that, too.)
Write & format your book
Write your manuscript, save it as a docx, then format it for conversion.
Convert docx to epub
After formatting your manuscript drag and drop it into our converter. You can also convert it to a mobi file.
Publish & distribute worldwide
Create an account in PublishDrive and publish your book worldwide.
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Why PublishDrive?


Use our free ebook converter to get your manuscript ready for the world to read. Choose whether you want to convert docx to mobi or an epub file.


Go wide and choose to publish your ebook with PublishDrive. We distribute ebooks to all the major retailers online and hundreds of storefronts worldwide.


With PublishDrive, you can do more than publish. Tap into our book promotion services and boost your sales by reaching a new global audience.

Track sales

See how your book performs at all times with powerful sales-tracking tools. Check which storefronts sold your book and how many royalties you earned.